Pine cone elf craft diy set upMake these little pinecone elves for your own version of “Elf on the Shelf”. Pinecones can be found in the valley, but it’s also a great excuse to drive up into the gorgeous Arizona mountains. Once you have your pinecones, all you need is Aileen’s tacky glue, a wooden bead, a scrap of leather, a scrap of felt and our free pattern for the hat and feet. Cut a set of feet from felt and from leather. Glue together. Using the pattern, cut a leather hat. Glue the long edges together to make a tall hat. Let the glue dry. Glue the hat onto the wooden bead covering the top bead hole. Set the bottom bead hole into one of the points on the pinecone. Check to make sure your pinecone will stand. You may have to jiggle your head around a little bit to get everything balanced. Once you feel he’s going to stand, pull off the bead and squeeze a good amount of glue onto the pinecone. Stick the bead head back onto the pinecone and let the glue dry. Now that you know your little elf will stand, glue the body onto the feet, the leather side up, and felt side down on the feet, checking again that your little elf is balanced. That’s it!   pinecone elf Christmas craft Interested in more tips for East Valley living or new homes in the growing Mesa Gateway, Arizona corridor? Sign up at Love these little elves? We were inspired by, , and,385.html