Compliance Manager Travis Fern of Earthworks Environmental looks on as work takes place at Cadence at Gateway in Mesa.

Earthworks Environmental and Cadence at Gateway of Mesa

Photo Credit: Peter Madrid.

Fern is the compliance manager for Earthworks Environmental, a Gilbert-based company that helps mitigate potential risk, assuring Cadence meets county or state environmental compliance standards.

Fern drives the perimeter of Cadence at Gateway Phase One in Mesa. At 190 acres, it represents one of Earthworks’ largest sites for which it will provide services.

Earthmovers travel across the site, making way for the start of infrastructure construction. A site this large requires 36 hours of watering so a 1.5-million-gallon water pond sits on the southern edge of the development.

“The initial inspection began in late May,” Fern says, stopping his truck to let an earthmover pass by. “We will make multiple inspections every week, depending on weather and phase of the project. We have to make sure the permits and the site conditions are in order, there are a lot of moving parts!”

Founded in 2014 by Principal Cherie Koester, Earthworks Environmental provides services that include storm water pollution prevention, dust control, and construction safety compliance. She appreciates the importance of compliance. Koester was previously a universal inspector in the compliance division for the Maricopa County Air Quality Department with more than 12 years of related experience.

“Earthworks Environmental is an asset and extension of our company,” says John Nagel, land development manager for Silver Fern Companies, which is contracted by Harvard Investments, the developer of Cadence, to provide construction management services.

“I rely on their knowledge and expertise to get all of my dust control, storm water protection and environmental needs satisfied,” Nagel says. “Their extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance has provided me with the assurance we need. For Cadence, there is nothing more important than building to the highest standards.”

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Summary from Peter Madrid’s recent article in AZ Business Magazine.

Dirt lot as part of Cadence at Gateway in Mesa

Photo Credit: Peter Madrid.

construction image from Cadence at Gateway in Mesa