With the recent passage of one of the most massive tax bills in years, many are wondering if their taxes will be going up or down in 2018. The answer isn’t simple and there are a number of variables to analyze, but Mesa residents and business owners are assured of one thing —Mesa’s positive tax trifecta will continue to benefit them in 2018 and beyond! The City of Mesa is unique in that is has:
  1. No food tax
  2. No primary property tax
  3. One of the region’s lowest sales tax rates. (The total Transaction Privilege Tax within the city is 8.05% with the city’s portion being only 1.75%.)
map of mesa master planned community cadenceThis taxes trifecta means Mesa is oftentimes a more affordable place to live, raise a family or do business. And while there are multiple school districts within the city limits, Mesa School District’s tax rate of just $8.41 creates additional savings when compared to the Gilbert School District rate of $9.25 and Tempe School District’s rate of $10.14. In addition to being a great place to live – with one of the lowest costs of living and highest quality of life offered in the nation – Mesa offers a competitive operating environment for small and large businesses. In fact, this past decade the East Valley region has focused on implementing reductions in taxes and creating incentive programs favorable to businesses, to give them even more reasons to relocate and expand. You may need time to figure out how the national tax bill will impact you, but you don’t have to debate that Mesa is a great place to live and work. Learn more about the impact of Mesa’s taxes on homeowners and business, or reach out to Mesa’s Economic Development at http://www.mesaaz.gov/business/economic-development/business-environment/taxes Learn more about Mesa’s newest Master-planned community Cadence at Gateway? Sign up at http://cadenceaz.com/contact/