Whether you call it ‘cool water’, ‘fresh water’ or ‘ague fresco’ – it’s delicious, refreshing and perfect for our warm fall afternoons in Arizona! The recipes are endless, but this is one of our favorites, and especially appropriate right now with all of the watermelons available from Valley farmers. Look for Kandy brand watermelons at your neighborhood grocer, they’re grown locally on Art Martori’s farms and especially sweet.  Find this and other Agua Fresca recipes at http://sugarandcharm.com/2015/04/4-delicious-agua-fresca-recipes-and-bar.html Make this Agua Fresca recipe whenever you feel the desire to enjoy a nice fall afternoon, perfect for Dia De Los Muertos! Watermelon, Cucumber & Lime Agua Fresca 2 cucumbers 1 watermelon (save 1/4 for chunks and garnish) 1/2 cup lime juice 1 cup sugar 8 cups water Directions: Roughly chop the fruit and add the ingredients (except the water) into the blender. (I used my Nutrabullet in batches as it works so much better than most blenders!) Pour the mixture into the containers, then add the water and ice. Mix thoroughly. Makes 6 quarts. Serving Tips: If you’re looking for the traditional containers, we found ours at El Super on Indian School Road for $10 each! http://elsupermarkets.com You can also find them at Los Altos Ranch Market in Mesa on Southern and Stapley Drive. http://www.losaltosranchmarket.com/en-us/our-stores/store-page/?locID=7   Interested in more tips for East Valley living, recipes, local events and new communities in Mesa? Sign up at http://cadenceaz.com/contact/