Make these adorable Brazil nut ornaments for yourself!

Brazil Nut Bird Ornament

Ooooh! These little guys are so cute! Add to your Advent Calendar Village, tie onto gifts, or snuggle flocks of them into your tree. We love these because kids can make them in just a few minutes!


  • Brazil Huts in shell
  • Aileen’s Tacky Glue
  • Leather and felt scraps
  • Strong needle
  • Thread for hanging
  • 2 little bitty rhinestones for the eyes

Make these wonderful brazil nut ornaments for your holiday

Using the downloadable tall hat pattern, found on the Pinecone Elves downloadable pattern, cut a hat from scrap leather. Glue the hat’s long edges with Aileen’s Tacky Glue and once dry, glue it to the top of the nut. Using a strong, threaded needle, push through the top of the hat, attaching the thread to hang the bird from a tree. Cut a tiny triangle for the beak and glue. Add the two rhinestone eyes with glue.

Make these adorable Brazil nut ornaments for yourself!
Cadence at Gateway loves these Brazil Nut ornaments and you will too!

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