Cleaning or Crafting Smock

Perfect for your little helpers! The will be ready to help the family with Spring Cleaning Chores or just enjoy for crafting!

You will need:

  • About 1 yard of fabric – we used two different kinds to make the smock reversible
  • Matching and contrasting ribbon
  • About 3 couple yards of bias tape
  • Velcro
  • Sewing machine, thread, scissors etc.

To make this reversible smock for your cleaning or crafting cutie,
• Cut 2 pieces of fabric about I yard long and 16 inches wide. We used light cotton.
• Cut 2 pockets – also 16” wide but only 8” tall.

On the top edge of the pocket, sew ribbon right side to wrong side of pocket top. Fold ribbon to front and iron. Sew a narrow hem of ribbon to top of pocket. You can sew top edge only or top and bottom, up to you. You can add rows of ribbon or make it however you like!

Pin wrong side of pocket to right side of smock rectangle. Stitch a vertical seam in center of pocket, which now divides the single pocket, making two pockets.

Repeat for reversible side.

Lay reversible side so pockets are at top and lay front side so pockets are at bottom. Pin.

Using a saucer, trace a quarter circle at each square corner and cut, rounding all four corners. Pin all well.

Zig zag a large loose zig zag around the entire smock, basting the front to the reversible back of the smock.

Opening up our bias tape, apply along the edge of entire smock. Trim extra fabric where needed on corners and clip curves of smock so when you turn bias tape over, it will lay nicely.

Turn bias over edge and stitch. You can machine stitch or hand stitch. Machine is faster but hand stitching is more precise and “invisible”.

Golf smock in half and measure center point (where the head would go through. Draw a half circle about 10” wide and 3” deep. Pin around where you drew and cut through all layers. Apply loose zig zag to opening and apply bias tape in the same manner.

Just above the pockets, apply velcro using a semi-long machine stitch – matching up both sides of the smock. You must put velcro on left side, right side, inside left and inside right so the smock is reversible.

All done!

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