Wine Charm

DIY – Rustic Wine Charms

This wine is mine! These personalized charms that attach to your stemware are perfect when guests are mingling at parties. No worries about whose glass belongs to whom. (Or is that who?! No matter – just enjoy another sip of wine.)

Wine Charm

Assorted buttons
Strong thick thread, prefer waxed if you can find it. We found ours at SAS Fabrics for .25$
Hole punch
Print this PDF, adding in your guests’ names


  1. Keystroke the names you want on each charm using your font of choice.
  2. Print and trim along trim lines.
  3. Fold in half, with names at top.
  4. Hole punch one hole near the fold.
  5. Stack 2-3 buttons and starting from bottom of button stack, push strong, waxed thread through a buttonhole in all layers.
  6. You can use a needle if it helps, but we didn’t need to.
  7. Make sure you have left about 6 “ of thread tail.
  8. Push thread from top back to bottom of stack.
  9. Repeat if you like.
  10. Tie ends together securely.
  11. With folded paper at back of stack, push thread through the hole punch and tie threads together.
  12. Trim both 6” ends evenly to about 4”, leaving enough length to tie to the glass, but not be in the way.
  13. Pretty charming!

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