Community Champion Connie Perez

This month’s community champion is Connie Perez—the president and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley (BGCEV). In her position, Connie works to increase funding and build a larger team so that they can increase the number of children that they are serving within the community. It is of utmost importance to Connie that everyone at Boys and Girls Club of East Valley creates a positive impact in the lives of every child that steps through the doors

Ms. Perez stated, “I consider the opportunity to serve Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley in greatest honor and privilege of my life.”

Anyone that has met Connie has learned that she is a kind-hearted, caring person and has always loved having the opportunity to help those around her. Some of her past credentials include: Nursing and Nursing Administration at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and a consultant for Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix.

Since beginning her position, the Gilbert Branch of BGCEV opened a new Tech Zone, BGCEV assisted families affected during the government shutdown, and they have graciously received over $400,000 in donations.
Outside of Boys and Girls Clubs, Connie is also involved as a leader in the community. She has served on the Board and as a Chair member of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, as well as served on the Arizona Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association. Ms. Perez graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a BSN in Nursing and received her Master’s Degree in Management from Northwestern University.

Ms. Perez began her position in August of 2018. She has extensive background in healthcare as well business management which made her a clear choice to take over the role of President and CEO. We congratulate Ms. Perez on the impact the has already had on improving the quality of life here in the East Valley!
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