Easter Cufflinks—Easy DIY

Delightful Cufflinks for your Spring Blouses!

Your serious French-cuff blouses will get much happier with these DIY cufflinks. Made from Polymer clay, these take less than an hour, start to finish!

The cufflink “blanks” come free from my husband’s dry cleaners; whenever he takes his French-cuff shirts in, they put in a set of these to keep his cuffs formed nicely. They’re cheapies, but only you will know!

Bunny and carrot easter cufflink diy

Make this bunny and carrot, or anything you like! Tip: make two complementary but different cuffs so you don’t have to try to match the two mini-sculptures to each other! Download the patterns and instructions here

Limited supplies needed to make your own easter cufflinks
A bunny and carrot diy cufflink perfect for spring
Bunny and carrot easter cufflink diy
easy easter cufflink craft

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