Seamlessly Connected

Welcome to Cadence at Gateway, an intimate community of 464 acres in Mesa’s magnetic Gateway corridor.

We’re building charming neighborhoods, abundant parks, a main street parkway with shopping, office and employment centers and a trail system that seamlessly connects the walkable community. We’ve also built the central jewel of Cadence at Gateway; The Square. Built for residents, The Square has a community center, refreshments area, visitors center, great room, event and sport lawns, resort-style pools, tennis and bocce courts, open areas, a garden area and multiple indoor and outdoor fitness areas.

And of course, Cadence at Gateway also offers brand new homes with fresh designs that meet the needs of today’s homebuyers.

The Entry

Where You Want to Be

With diverse neighborhoods and plentiful activities, Cadence at Gateway was, from the start, envisioned to attract people who desire to live well and stay active. The richly landscaped entrance confidently announces this quality, reminding you that Cadence at Gateway is exactly where you want to be: an address of distinction, for now and for years to come.

The entryway of Cadence at Gateway Drawing of Cadence at Gateway community entrance

Main Street

The Right Approach

As you make your way down Cadence Parkway, we’ve planned shopping, services and recreation in a traditional Main Street ambiance, gracefully unified with the community around it. Complementing the residential areas, Cadence Parkway is conveniently “on your way home”. It’s not the typical approach in community-making; it’s just the right one for this next-generation neighborhood.

A mock up of the main street at Cadence at Gateway

The Roundabouts

Harmonious Movement

Circular intersections have been part of American traffic systems for over a century. Harmonious with the land, they enhance pedestrian safety even as they keep vehicles moving smoothly at low speeds. Roundabouts inside Cadence at Gateway echo the community's entry architecture and we think you'll agree they're just plain beautiful!

Scenic view of Cadence neighborhood


The New and the Traditional, Mastered

Our approach to neighborhood design and architecture leads with timeless New American Traditional style, incorporating advanced construction and the latest thinking on connecting neighborhoods to each other. Now that Phase I is nearly complete, the community encompasses approximately 600 homes in various distinctive, harmonious neighborhoods.

A mock up of the neighborhood at Cadence at Gateway

At just under 500 total acres, the community naturally fosters intimacy. Residential blocks are short, with rarely more than 10 homes on either side. Sidewalks are separated from the street with a strip of greenery, creating a more walkable community. Eye-catching, useful landmarks such as roundabouts and parks help give each neighborhood its own personality. The homes themselves emphasize indoor/outdoor living, usability, durability, modern conveniences and today’s best floor plan designs.

These are just some of the elements designed to encourage activity, engagement, spontaneous get-togethers and conversations between friends.

A mockup of the Cadence at Gateway neighborhood


Parks with Personality

Cadence at Gateway’s parks and open spaces incorporate thoughtful elements that align with what the residents themselves need. For instance, some parks will be geared for noisy children play and others for quieter adult time. Virtually every neighborhood and park can be accessed easily by foot, stroller, wheelchair, skateboard or bicycle; making Cadence at Gateway perhaps the only community in the East Valley providing such ease of connection.

Sketch of Cadence at Gateway's first park

Playtime…on a Grand Scale

Walkability, being outdoors, connecting within the community are all hallmarks of Cadence at Gateway. And so is connection to Mesa itself. Which is why Cadence at Gateway is building nearly 12 miles of trails that link to the Mesa Regional Trail System.

Mock up of Cadence at Gateway park

Cadence Builds

Residents will also get the chance to actually build some of their own “play” areas, as they see fit! Working with the community’s architects, “Team Cadence” will, over time, bring their new ideas to life, from brainstorming to blueprinting to actual construction. Funding may come, in part, through community service works.

Mock up of Cadence at Gateway park

The Square

A Welcoming Center, Open on Day One

The Square, our community center, is Cadence at Gateway’s stunning jewel, showcasing the myriad ways residents have fun, both indoors and out.

Built for residents, The Square has a community center, refreshments area, visitors center, great room and meeting rooms, event and sport lawns, resort-style pools, tennis and bocce courts, open areas, a garden area and multiple indoor and outdoor fitness areas.

Mock up of Cadence at Gateways The Square

Inside The Square

At nearly 12,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor space, the community center enhances health, well-being and close ties to neighbors.

Inspiration for the center comes from classic American town squares that encourage community gatherings. Cadence at Gateway’s residents and visitors will find the center easy to get to from every approach, whether on foot, two wheels or four.

The Square creates a spacious campus backdrop, and is completed and currently available for residents.

Sketch of The Square at Cadence at Gateway

Queen Creek Unified School District

PreK-6 Public School

Silver Valley Elementary School, a new PreK-6 public school, opened July 2019! There are over a dozen high-performing public, private and Charter schools nearby. The Queen Creek school district is one of the top-ranked districts in Arizona, with all of their schools— elementary, middle school and high school – continually earning A or B ratings from the Department of Education. The new Eastmark High School is a five-minute walk and three charter schools are just minutes away, including American, BASIS and Pathfinder. Check each school for availability.

Children from Cadence at Gateway enjoying science at our school

Phase II Neighborhoods

Phase II Neighborhoods

As Phase I neighborhoods are completed with new homes and happy residents, planning and building is anticipated to begin for Phase II. The same principles will apply: beautiful, seamless neighborhoods designed to support indoor/outdoor living and a fulfilling life for all residents.

A Cadence at Gateway home under construction A mockup of the Cadence at Gateway neighborhood

Trails and Paths

Setting Your Pace

Do you long to spend the day on an invigorating walk, stroll or bike ride? No matter what pace you set, you’ll be able to keep at it for awhile: Cadence at Gateway was designed with an expansive system of trails and pathways—nearly 12 miles in total. The pathways themselves will link residents to everything else within the Cadence boundaries, including The Square, neighborhoods, parks, businesses, shopping and the school site. And as a bonus, finding your route will be no problem, because all residents will live within 500 feet of a trail!

Jogging couple in Cadence at Gateway park