Animals bearing gifts diy holiday craft

Forest Animals Bearing Gifts

So simple to do, yet what a great touch to bring to the holiday table!

You will need some pretty good-sized plastic toy forest animals – about 5 or 6 inches. I had some circus and jungle animals from a circus-themed party we threw a few years ago and cherry-picked out the bear, zebra and antelope (which we made into a deer).

Cadence AZ brings you forest animal diy holiday crafts

Using spray primer, cover your animals with two light coats. Then paint with the color of your choice— spray paint definitely gets into the cracks and crevices easier but be sure to paint light coats.

For our deer, we glued on twigs “over” the horns to make antlers.

Cut and glue the little holiday gift boxes also found in Color Me Cadence and fill with tiny treats of your choice. Tie the boxes and bundles onto the “pack animals” for charming gifts in honor of the 12 Days of Hanukkah or part of your one-of-a-kind advent calendar!

Animals bearing gifts diy holiday craft

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