Free Instructions: Make this Bow Tie

Light to medium bodied fabric with matching thread. We used raw silk because we wanted it to have a bit of sheen.
¼” wide matching grosgrain ribbon, to fit a little boy’s neck circumference plus about 1 and 1/2“

Beginner Sewing Skills

Following our pattern, cut a piece of 15 and ½ inch fabric ON THE BIAS. (This is important.) Cut another piece 2” x 3” ALSO ON THE BIAS.

make this diy bow tie today

All seams are scant ¼”

  1. Fold the tie Body piece (larger piece) long edges and right sides together. Stitch long edges as shown, leaving an opening in the center. Flatten with seam in the center, and iron flat.
  2. With the seam in the center top, sew both short edges. Trim corners.
  3. Turn right side out, using a skewer or chopstick to get into corners. Iron well and hand catch-stitch your opening closed.
  4. On each end, fold the edges in to make a point. Iron well and hand catch-stitch the edges together as shown.
  5. Fold one end as shown, and iron.
  6. Fold the other end to match. Where they meet in the center, whipstitch the two folded ends together.
  7. Using your 2” x 3” piece, fold long edges (3”) right sides together. Sew long edge. Turn right side out and with the seam in center, iron flat.
  8. Pinch your larger body piece in the center and wrap this smaller piece around it, raw edges to the back of the tie. Adjust the pinch so your tie looks just right. On the backside, turn under the top raw edge and whipstitch the small piece together. Do not sew it to the tie body, only to itself.
  9. Measure and cut your grosgrain ribbon to fit your little boy’s neck (including a collared shirt) and add about an inch and a half. Slide this ribbon through the back between the small center piece and the tie body.
  10. Sew under the raw edge of the grosgrain, if desired and add two snaps on each end to secure the tie. His shirt collar should fit right over the ribbon, hiding it. You can also sew two hook and eyes or a button and buttonhole – whichever is easiest for you.

This dapper little tie takes about 1 hour to make.

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make this diy bow tie today
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