Geometric Pencil Holders

The first thing you want to do is see

This great post by Ben Uyeda was my inspiration and he provides wonderful directions and patterns.

To make these pencil holders, I followed his instructions for the Blocktagon, making shorter versions (Frank) and taller versions (Jessie).

Make these easy DIY pencil holders to add a geometric flare to your space

Be sure to tape and glue the seams of your forms to the INSIDE, and seal them tightly. Use card stock paper, nothing too porous or flimsy.

I then sprayed them with “rubberized” spray paint. This is the paint that is used to rubberize tool handles and other items, and it’s available in any hardware store. Spray 3-4 light coats, inside and out. Allow each layer to dry, before you paint the next coat.

I loved these so I also made a bunch out of heavy translucent paper. Drop in a little LED light and they are absolutely gorgeous for backyard evening dinners. Ben has lots of geometric patterns available so you can go crazy!

That’s it!

These geometric holders are easy to make and will spruce up your home office
make these geometric holders today with just a few simple ingredients
These geometric holders are easy to make and require only a few supplies

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