Roots matter, and for Cadence at Gateway, our roots demonstrate our potential to create something different, and desired in the Phoenix East Valley. Our roots begin with Craig Krumwiede, president of Harvard Investments, and the rest of his executive team, who have been investing in Arizona for more than 30 years. Craig and his colleagues have raised and are raising their kids here and have given countless hours to serve and mentor those in our community. Craig and his team at Harvard Investments have also been building our community – with high quality Arizona projects including Neely Farms in Gilbert, Talking Rock Ranch in Prescott and many more. But our roots go back even further. More than 100 years. Because Harvard Investments is part of the Hill Companies family, a long-standing Canadian firm originally focused on real estate development and insurance. More diversified today, Hill Companies still develops real estate, and has added other businesses including oil and gas production and distribution, broadcasting, life insurance and more. Craig and his team draw on the wisdom of more than 100 years in the industry, and channel their passion for the community they call home into Cadence at Gateway. At Cadence at Gateway we celebrate what has grounded us in the past and believe it will help us fly in the future! Learn more.