In Action — Fitness on Demand

Cadence offers more than ample state-of-the-art equipment — Fitness on Demand in the Moto Fitness Center provides members with a modern, convenient and tailored way to stay in shape. Members connect and meet for the exact work out they want —when they want it!

Available for use in both the movement and spin rooms, residents select from 200 workout classes that are displayed on a large screen. Prefer your workout at 9:15 in the morning, or 3:10 in the afternoon — no problem! Want an intro class or a gut cruncher? No problem! You select what is right for you that day! And, of course, there is no additional cost for these classes.

“You can bike around Italy, see the trail as you ride and almost feel like you’re there,” John-Mark Shea, Lifestyle Director at Cadence, said. “Fitness on Demand has classes for all fitness levels, from beginning to expert. In the Movement studio you can choose Zumba, dance, yoga, cardio and a multitude of other classes.”

Shea sees residents exercise on their own or with friends frequently as they choose the perfect class for their health and wellness goals. “Fitness on Demand is just a great opportunity for Cadence members to easily fit exercise and wellness into their lifestyle, and we have seen our members really value this.” Shea said.

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