Cadence at Gateway has taken great care to offer residents varied opportunities to live a healthy and connected lifestyle. The 12 miles of trails throughout the community will provide effortless access to recreation areas reachable by foot, stroller, wheelchair, skateboard or bicycle; making Cadence at Gateway perhaps the only community in the East Valley providing such ease of connection.

The trails will feature fitness stations with varying levels of difficulty and link to private community parks reflective of the needs of the surrounding neighborhood. For families with younger children, parks with playground equipment will be available. Need to keep teenagers busy? Expansive basketball, bocce, tennis and other sport areas will provide great outdoor recreation. For adults seeking peace and quiet, intimate Wi-Fi-enabled areas will beckon, offering superb views of the surrounding mountain ranges.ppg trails   This thoughtful planning promises to enhance the lives of community members as they discover yoga in the park with friends is much more fun than solo yoga indoors. Or that walking or biking to a friend’s house instills a sense of independence in teenagers who don’t have to rely on mom or dad for transportation. And how about a picnic in the park instead of cruising through the nearest fast-food drive-through? Surely more satisfying and healthy. At the end of the day, whether families choose a vigorous game of volleyball or leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, Cadence connects each individual to the perfect spot or activity that will renew and improve the quality of their life. >Learn more