New Parks at Cadence Near Completion

Cadence at Gateway residents are anticipating the completion of multiple new parks in Phases 2 and 3 neighborhoods. Most of the parks in the popular Mesa master-planned community are scheduled to be complete by the end of December 2020, with a few slated to be complete as early as November. The resident-only parks feature unique play equipment, ramadas and grassy areas, and several will feature swings. Play equipment at two of the parks include toddler swings – great for young families and grandchildren at Cadence. Here’s a rundown of how these final parks are taking shape:
Parks in Lennar’s Phase 2 neighborhoods:

  • Tahoe Park in Lennar’s Harmony neighborhood directly south of Silver Valley Elementary is anticipated to be complete at the beginning of December. Tahoe features a large ramada, four swings and additional playground equipment. This park includes two toddler swings, as well as two belt-style swings for older children.
  • Just south of Tahoe, Tiburon Park in Lennar’s Signature neighborhood will likely be complete before the end of December. Playground equipment is on its way and the construction and installation team plans to install as soon as new structures arrive.
  • To the east of the Signature neighborhood, the charming Tribute park joins Lennar’s Horizon and Inspiration neighborhoods and is also scheduled for completion near the end of December with landscaping occurring this month.

Phase 3 of Cadence features two additional parks and a large grassy area nestled amongst the forthcoming Maracay and Toll Brothers neighborhoods.

  • Thunderbolt Park, between Toll Brothers’ Montage and Mosaic neighborhoods, is in the process of having its play equipment installed and sidewalk placed. Thunderbolt includes two toddler swings, perfect for young families.
  • The Cadence by Maracay neighborhood features Tillman Park just north of Williams Field Road. This park is actively under construction, with hardscape to be delivered soon, making it scheduled for completion near the end of December.
  • Additional landscaping around the Phase 3 roundabout and open grassy areas will also be complete in mid-November.

These five new parks create a welcome addition to Cadence at Gateway, and are arriving just in time for the anticipated opening of the new Toll Brothers and Maracay neighborhoods.
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