Among the most-popular New Year’s resolutions is to organize your home, especially if you just moved into your beautiful new house at Cadence at Gateway in Mesa. With the holidays behind you, but moving boxes and new gifts still in front of you, it can be difficult to know where to start. We have compiled a list of the best ways to help you organize in the quickest and most-efficient way possible so you can get back to enjoying life in your lovely new Phoenix East Valley home.
  1. Make a game plan
    Know your focus going into the process. Is your goal to throw things away? Is your goal to come up with a better organizational system? No matter what you are trying to accomplish, make sure you have your goals set before you begin.
  1. Use your calendar
    Create a timeline for your New Year’s cleaning. Create a realistic day-by-day plan for getting through each room of your home. Be sure to leave time for decluttering, reorganizing and cleaning.
  1. Set up a staging area
    You can thank us later for this one. Designate a specific area or table in your home as a staging area. Use this space when you are organizing places like a linen closet or bathroom cabinets. You can better visualize how the small space will look before placing items in it. This also prevents the imminent rearrangement of items.
  1. Use quick decision-making tactics
    Many times, we get caught up in the fun, old items you find while decluttering. Sometimes you even forget you own them but somehow still ruminate on them long enough to decide to keep them. Instead, use quick decision-making tactics. Ask yourself simple yes or no questions: “Do I love it?” “Has this been used in the last six months to a year?” “Will my life feel like it has come to a bitter end without this?” If the answer is no, it’s gone.
  1. Purge
    Don’t forget that this is your opportunity to purge your entire home. Get rid of things. If you feel yourself looking for reasons to keep something, just throw it away or donate it. Don’t be afraid to make another throw-away bag.
  1. Don’t move on to a new space until this one is finished
    You may take a break, or place an item in another room and suddenly you’ve moved on without finishing the room you were in. Don’t do this! This will make you feel as though you aren’t accomplishing anything and lead to never finishing your home. Be sure to stick to one room until it has been fully decluttered, cleaned and reorganized. This makes it easy to check boxes on your list of rooms to work on.

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