Seven Design Tips from Toll Brothers to Maximize Your Backyard

These days, your backyard is a true extension of your home. Indoor/outdoor living is so important in Arizona, so we’ve provided some tips to make your back yard as wonderful as your new home interior!

1.     Fire Pit  A fire pit naturally gathers people together on gorgeous Arizona evenings. People enjoy a fire pit over a glass of wine, easy conversation and an occasional marshmallow roasting. Consider natural gas pits, gel fuel or propane. Built-in seating can add style!

2.     Water Features  Water, one of the four elements, seems to add calm to any environment. The movement, sound and texture create a natural oasis environment that seems to let us gear down and be in the moment after a long day. Fountains improve air quality by acting as a humidifier and can attract a wide variety of native Arizona bird species.

3.     Vertical Garden – Make great use of your vertical space by hanging planters at different levels on a blank wall, fence line or as a creative sculpture. Plants require watering and proper care, but there’s nothing more appealing than a lush wall of greenery.

4.     Cozy Nook – Create a quiet place to curl up in a secluded spot surrounded by oversized pots of flowers. You’ll look forward to escaping to your little corner of the world, read the morning paper or after you put the kids to bed!

5.     Lounging Space  Set up some comfy chairs, outdoor sofas and add some twinkle lights for a relaxing space for your family to nap or unwind. Maybe add a TV under your covered patio area for outdoor game watching as you barbecue or use the smoker. It’s also fun to bring out an outdoor movie projector screen for special evening entertainment.

6.     Outdoor kitchen and entertainment area – Create an outdoor kitchen with a built-in barbeque grill, a sink, a small refrigerator and maybe even a pizza oven! Consider leaving some space for outdoor games such as corn hole and lawn darts and complete it with lounge chairs and umbrellas.

7.     Furry Friend Space – We know you never forget your furry friends – they’re part of the family after all! They love a place to run around, with plants that aren’t toxic or thorny. Shady, cool structures are important during our Arizona summers.

Take some time to really think about what you want to put in your backyard, and you’ll enjoy your outdoor oasis for years to come.

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