Cadence at Gateway walkability within the community

Walkability: A New Standard for Homebuyers

Now more than ever, homebuyers consider a walkable lifestyle a priority. The ability to live within walking distance of parks, fitness centers, recreation, restaurants and shops is near the top of the list of what both younger and more experienced generations are looking for in a community.

In fact, the 2017 National Community and Transportation Preference Survey* reports that 60% of 3,000 adults polled from across the United States are willing to pay more to live within walking distance of these conveniences. Most say they prefer to live in a community with homes that have smaller yards but are within easy walking distance of the community’s amenities.

And it’s more than convenience. 88% who live with places to walk nearby report they are more satisfied with their entire quality of life! Whether it’s a quick jaunt to the fitness center or a nearby hike, walking helps us stay physically and mentally healthy, spurs social interaction and supports local businesses.

Millennials more than any other generation prefer walking, but 55% of those born before 1944 say they prefer walkable communities as well.

The good news: one of Arizona’s most walkable communities is planned to open in late 2018, in southeast Mesa. Cadence at Gateway was designed for walkability right from the start, and is planning to add over time a main street parkway with shopping, office and employment centers.  A 12-mile trail system is in the works that seamlessly connects the community. Homeowners will have trails and resident-only parks that are no more than 300 feet from every Cadence front door. The trails also link to the Mesa Regional Trail System, making it easy to begin or end the day with healthy outdoor exercise.

The Square is at the heart of this dynamic community, where residents may stop by the community center, tennis courts or garden area to meet up with friends and family. Meeting rooms, sport lawns and resort-style pools—these are just a few of the areas designed to let residents pursue fun, fitness, and business—both indoors and out. And they’re all located within a short stroll from every home. That’s hard to top!

Hoping for sidewalks as well? 80% of survey respondents said that sidewalks are a positive factor when purchasing a home. At Cadence, we’ve designed sidewalks to be separate from the roads.  Even better, all neighborhoods and parks can be accessed by foot, stroller, wheelchair, skateboard or bicycle.

“We’re building a community where the family home built at Cadence could be passed from generation to generation,” said Cadence’s visionary land planner, Wendell Pickett, partner of Greey|Pickett. “Some of the things we felt were important hinged around connectivity— parents can let the kids ride their bikes throughout the entire community, from neighborhood to neighborhood.”

Additionally, survey respondents said proximity to highways is important when deciding where to live. So, when Cadence residents do get in the car, freeways are easily accessible. The community is located southeast of Ray Road and Ellsworth Road, close to the 202 Santan Freeway and the new State Route 24.

While the idea of the perfect neighborhood is different for every homeowner, Cadence has the answers to what more and more Americans desire—a community with greater walkability and easy connection to the people and places that matter most.                                             

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*Conducted by American Strategies and Meyers Research on behalf of the National Association of REALTORS®