Summer Heat: Retreat with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can turn your home into a calm, cool and relaxing retreat during the heat of summer. It’s wonderful to return home and be surrounded by the beauty of nature, plus many of the indoor plants we’ve suggested not only beautify your home, they also purify the air and emit oxygen, which helps to cool the indoor temperature of the air.

Most nurseries recommend that you transplant plants into containers that are 1-2 inches larger than the container they have outgrown. Plants that have outgrown their containers become rootbound, can topple over, and grow poorly because there is not enough soil for the plant. Make sure you choose a container that has plenty of holes in the bottom to allow excess water to get out. Water the plant in the sink, if possible, allow to drain, and then place the plant onto a plant saucer that is under the pot so that it can collect any water runoff.  

Recommended Indoor Plants

Air Plants

These tropical plants are epiphytes, which means they don’t need potting soil and require only minimal care. Air plants do best with at least a few hours of bright, indirect sun daily. Place within one to three feet of an east- or west-facing window, or within a foot or two of an artificial light source is ideal. Give them a 15-minute soak once a week.


Succulents are perfect indoor plants because they need very little water! Make sure you don’t over water them; only give them a drink when the soil is completely dry.

Chinese Money Houseplant

This popular plant is gorgeous and can add some fun to your indoor décor. The plant has round coin-shaped leaves. Chinese Money houseplants prefer bright, indirect light and grow to a height of eight to 12 inches.

Aloe Vera

Along with being a great aid in treating sunburns, this plant grows successfully indoors and has low water needs.

Snake Plant

This plant with gorgeous sword-shaped leaves is great to help you sleep at night (even more because it emits oxygen at night; it cools the air while you sleep. Place in indirect light and allow soil to dry between waterings.

Ficus Houseplant

This classic houseplant enjoys bright indirect or filtered light. Cold drafts will harm them, so make sure to place them somewhere where drafts will not be an issue. They don’t like overly wet roots, so water only when dry.

Spider Plant

Another traditional houseplant, this one purifies the air and cools it at the same time. Prefers bright light, water liberally and mist occasionally.

Pothos Houseplant

Also known as the Money Plant, Pothos removes formaldehyde in the air and is hard to kill; it’s great for gardening beginners.

Boston Ferns

This plant is a natural air humidifier and purifier, which is great for keeping air quality high. Does well in part shade and evenly moist, well-drained soil.

Rubber Plant

No matter the size of your home, a rubber plant makes a significance difference in air quality. According to PopSugar, “It releases high levels of oxygen, helping to cool the ambient air temperature, and excels at purifying toxins such as formaldehyde from the air.”

Note that while you escape heat by enjoying air conditioning, it can be harmful, even deadly to your houseplants. Move plants away from air conditioning vents and provide sun as needed.

Enjoy your indoor sanctuary!

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